MAN offers a complimentary 24/7 roadside assistance service through Penske Australia for mechanical breakdowns and other roadside issues during the truck’s warranty period. Their thorough assistance aims to get you back swiftly and safely on the road or to an authorised MAN dealer/repairer.

Roadside issues may include:

  • Emergency mechanical breakdown;
  • Running out of diesel fuel;
  • Tyre / wheel changing;
  • Flat battery;
  • Locked out or lost keys; and
  • Glass repair services

Your roadside support is only one call away (


Repair & maintenance (R&M) packages offer several advantages – aiding in financial planning and lowering maintenance costs with discounted parts and labor pricing. These packages optimise fuel consumption through correct vehicle tuning; and reduce staff and administration costs with convenient monthly payment. The ability to plan effectively minimises downtime and vehicles serviced by authorised dealers with genuine parts tend to have a higher resale value.

There are 3 key R&M packages:

  • Comfort: Covers regular servicing as prescribed by MAN with an optional MAN Roadside Assist;
  • Comfort Plus: Includes extended warranty along with Comfort services. MAN Roadside Assist is optional;
  • Comfort Repair: Covers Comfort Plus and all normal wear and tear repairs, including MAN Roadside Assist – making this package the most popular choice.


Penske Australia provides two tiers of warranty packages:

  • Regional / Highway: Designed for trucks primarily operating on sealed road surfaces, covering those travelling over 200,00 kilometers annually; and
  • Extreme: Tailored for trucks with less than 20,000 kilometers per year, predominantly driving on unsealed road surfaces. This includes trucks with engines that run at idling speeds for long periods or engines that have surpassed 400 hours annually.


In collaboration with Microlise, MAN Opti-Connect is a powerful telematics solution that serves as an enterprise-grade system that enhances fleet efficiency, safety, and reduce environmental impact.

By integrating power telematics technology and driver performance tools, MAN Opti-Connect achieves:

  • Driver standards improvements;
  • Real-time visibility to maximise fleet utilisation;
  • Safety standard improvements;
  • Administration reductions;
  • Emission reductions through data analysis and trends; and
  • Vehicle tracking.


MAN Trucks offer a driver-centric workspace with a two-level instrument panel, fully digital display, and intuitive controls. The comfortable interior includes a spacious bed, premium seating, and advanced air-conditioning which compliments MAN’s innovative infotainment system. Safety features like Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Emergency Brake Assist (EBA), along with thoughtful design elements, make MAN Trucks a reliable and efficient choice for long-haul transport.


MAN Trucks excel in efficiency and economic performance through their TipMatic gearbox that offers intelligent electronic control for optimal driving comfort. Their range of engines includes the D38 Euro 6e, D26 Euro 6d, D26 Euro 5, D20 Euro 5 and D08 Euro 5. Each engine model emphasizes fuel efficiency and reliability while meeting Australian emission standards. Features such as improved aerodynamics, airbag suspension and heat dissipation design all contribute to providing a comprehensive package that maximizes fuel, weight and servicing savings for an elite driving experience.


MAN Trucks optimise uptime with extended oil drains, utilising computer monitoring to prescribe intervals and pre-warning service alerts. The electronic BrakeMatic brake management system and a noise-insulated cabin also contribute to minimising downtime and enhancing driver safety and productivity. Furthermore, with over 60 company-owned and independent dealerships across Australia, finding a genuine part, service and warranty functions is stress-free.

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