4,500 to 5,500kg GVM

Whether you’re a builder, plumber or landscaper, the Isuzu Tradepack is the perfect vehicle to for your business.

  • Models are available to suit a car licence (4.5T GVM) or a truck licence (5.5T GVM).
  • Isuzu 6-speed manual or 6-speed AMT (Automated Manual Transmission).
  • 4.5m x 2.1m heavy duty tray with 2 piece drop sides (MWB).
  • The Tradepack’s built-in tray includes a heavy duty headboard with chrome grille, drop sides and tie rails. The ladder rack design has been upgraded for heavier loads. Its aluminium construction means a light tare weight without compromising body integrity or strength.
  • An Isuzu Tradepack has better turning circle than most Utes.




4,500 to 5,500kg GVM

The Ready-to-Work Traypack does everything your average ute can do and more. Available in SWB and MWB, it carries bigger payloads for bigger paydays.

  • Models are available to suit a car licence (4.5T GVM) or a truck licence (5.5T GVM).
  • 5-speed manual and 6-speed AMT.
  • Short and medium wheelbase options.
  • First-class cabs come standard with three seats and 7 seats in crew.
  • The Traypack’s built-in tray includes a strong heavy duty headboard with chrome grille, drop sides and tie rails. Constructing it in aluminium means a light tare weight that doesn’t compromise on body integrity or strength.
  • Available with Independent Front Suspension on selected 4×2 and AWD models.


4,500 to 7,500kg GVM

The Servicepack and Servicepack X features durable powder coated steel bodies and come with lockers with adjustable internal shelving.

  • 5-speed manual, 5-speed AMT and 6-speed manual transmission options available.*
  • First-class cabs come standard with three seats (up to 7 in crew cabs).
  • The higher-rated NPS 4×4 models come specified with fully-floating axles, suspended by alloy-steel leaf springs and double-acting shock absorbers.
  • The short wheelbase (SWB) Servicepack has a smaller tray overhang. Perfect to make parking easier in the city or suburbs.
  • Lockable separate storage boxes. All the space you need with easy access gullwing doors.


4,500kg GVM

If you’ve got a small delivery business, The Vanpack is the truck for you. Packed with a range of safety features, you have no problems delivering furniture and any other goods that need moving.

  • Your car licence is all you need to drive a Vanpack.
  • Isuzu 6-speed TC-AMT (Torque Converter Automated Manual Transmission).
  • All steel construction, 19m³ Van Body 4.3m(L) x 2.2(W) x 2.1(H).
  • Our 4m x 2m pantech body is made from fibreglass honeycomb panels. These increase strength and
    stiffness while reducing weight. Barn doors with camlocks allow secure access. The body also includes internal tie down rails and interior LED lighting, all protected by an aluminium roof.


4,500 to 14,000kg GVM

Many of our Tipper Range can be driven with a car licence. Capable of carrying around 2 tonnes, right up to the FSR Tipper with even bigger payloads and more flexibility.

  • A full range of transmissions available with manual, automatic, and automatic manual transmission (AMT) options.*
  • Up to 4.5t towing capacity on a car licence with suitable genuine towing attachment.
  • First-class cabs come standard with three seats (7 in crew cabs).
  • Our tipper control is mounted in-cab mounted so you don’t have to move from your seat.
  • The all-steel tipper decks range from 3.2-6.0mm in thickness depending on model.
  • An auto-release two-way tailgate comes standard.
  • Hydraulic hoist takes just 20 seconds to go up or down
  • The NMR tri-tipper has a special three-way tray. It tips backwards and both left and right. No other tipper can top that.


11,000 to 24,000kg GVM

The Ready-to-Work Freightpack is available in six models, with a choice of 10-pallet, 12-pallet or 14-pallet curtain-side body configurations. Loaded with features for all round safety and productivity.

  • Isuzu 6-speed AMT and Allison Automatic.
  • First-class cabs come standard with three seats.
  • Safety yellow coloured body steps and grab handles.
  • The Allison 6-speed HD4430 automatic transmission eliminates shifting and helps reduce fatigue.
  • Or you can opt for an Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) for smooth, car-like drivability.
  • Easy glide curtains with quick release latches and docking rubbers mean faster loading and unloading of your cargo.
  • All Freightpack bodies come fitted with LED interior strip lighting and halo lights.
  • The Freightpack has a tailored air deflector to reduce on-road wind resistance.


Isuzu Trucks have an industry leading 6 year factory warranty covering the cab and chassis. That includes any Ready-to-Work truck bodies, all AWD/4×4 models. Any models operating under harsh applications are still covered by our original 3 year factory warranty.



Isuzu Assist is a 6 year, 24-hour roadside assistance program that comes at no extra cost. So if you run out of fuel, lose your keys, or get a flat tyre (or battery), Isuzu Assist will be there to sort it out.



Every business wants predictable costings which is why Isuzu Service Agreement can work for you. Isuzu Service Agreements will flatten your truck servicing costs into a single, predictable, monthly payment and save you money in the long run.


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