The Power Units within the IPS range are delivered fully assembled and undergo thorough testing which enables your business to commence work immediately.

Made to Stock (MTS)
Power units come equipped with exhausts, air systems, control units, and other essential accessories. Switch it on and go.

Assembled to Order
The Isuzu Power Solutions Assembled to Order range can be customised to your specific needs.

Engineered to Order
The customised power unit(s) can be engineered to suit you. By special request only.


Engineered to withstand the harshest conditions, this versatile range is meticulously designed for durability. Isuzu OEM units are supplied directly as engine-only blocks, providing you with complete control over the application.

Unbeatable Range
Isuzu crate engines offer a diverse selection, featuring a range of sizes and specifications encompassing over 60 engine models.

Never Stop
Renowned for their reliability, these engines are widely utilized in construction, mining, agriculture, and marine applications.

Isuzu Power Solutions has a diverse range of applications, such as Agricultural, General Industry, Hydraulic Pumping, Irrigation, Refrigeration, and Water Pumping.


No matter the level of power required or the operating conditions, there’s an IPS Genset designed to provide you power non-stop. If you don’t find the specific model you need, we can custom-build for you!

Peace of Mind
With a two-year warranty and access to a nationwide dealer network, you can rest easy knowing that support is readily available. Chances are you’ll never need them.

Digital Controller
Our Gensets are equipped with built-in ComAp InteliLite MRS16 Generator Controllers. This feature allows for remote programming, monitoring, and measurement, enabling you to customize and track the performance of your generator from any location.

Fuel Efficient Performance
Isuzu is renowned for supplying powers utilised in a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from trucks to tugboats. Leveraging the insights gained from these rigorous applications, we incorporate our knowledge into our Gensets. We ensure that our Gensets are field-tested and fuel efficient to meet the demand of your industry.


Diesel Inquiry Assessment System

DIAS will guide you through a set of straightforward questions, focusing on your requirements, environment, and application. This ensures that you receive the most suitable product, guaranteeing trouble-free operation for many years. For additional information, contact us!

Find the right solution
By specifying your application requirements, DIAS can offer recommendations to meet your needs.

Customised engine report
DIAS delivers a criteria summary, an engine specification sheet, an engine installation drawing, and warranty details.
Engine quote and availability
DIAS ensures transparency by updating engine pricing and stock levels on a daily basis. This means you have real-time information on the cost and delivery timeline, providing clarity and accuracy in your decision-making process.



Isuzu power solutions are used in tractors, loaders, generator sets and auxiliary power applications. Isuzu Power Solutions engines have undergone extensive testing to ensure optimal performance in the harshest Australian environments.


Companies such as the CFA and DFES rely on Isuzu to run their water pumps and generators as they fight fires in one of the world’s most unstable fire zones. The highly reliable Japanese-made block is engineered in Australia for optimal performance.


People that depend on generators as their primary power supply or emergency backup can be found everywhere- from building sites to residential neighborhoods, hospitals, and disaster situations. You can find ready-to-use Isuzu engines from major manufacturers such as Shindaiwa and Denyo.


Isuzu provides some of the largest names in the construction business with the muscle needed to finish the job i.e. Hitachi, Sumitomo, JCB, Kobelco, etc. Numerous organisations in the mining industry also depend on Isuzu Power Solutions for conveyors, crushers, and pressure pumps because they are tried and tested in the harshest industrial environments.


One of the main engines of the Australian economy is the industrial sector. However, what propels the industry? Many times, in a wide variety of applications, the machinery is powered by an Isuzu engine. Isuzu produces more than 50 types to meet your commercial requirements.


With over 60 years of experience and a highly renown quality control system, Isuzu Marine engines are engineered to last. This translates to outstanding quality and dependability. Isuzu Marine Engines are built to be incredibly economical and fuel-efficient, even under the most extreme circumstances.

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